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Paper: QSFit: a New Software for AGN Optical Spectral Analysis.
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 339
Authors: Calderone, G.; Nicastro, L.
Abstract: QSFit (Quasar Spectral Fitting) is a new software written in IDL to perform optical spectral analysis of Type 1 Active Galactic Nuclei (AGN) and to estimate several spectral quantities (such as continuum luminosities and slopes, host galaxy contamination, luminosities, widths and wavelength offsets of several emission lines, etc...). In its first release (version 1.0) QSFit operates only on SDSS–DR10 FITS files, and is designed to be executed non–interactively in order to automatically apply the same analysis recipe on large AGN samples, and generates catalogs of spectral quantities.
The QSFit code will be released as free software to allow researchers to study in detail the current analysis recipe, and possibly improve it. QSFit main purpose is to provide a framework to run standardized analysis procedures on AGN spectra, to allow easy replication of the data analysis, and sharing of the analysis recipes.
In this paper we will briefly illustrate the QSFit analysis procedure and discuss the reliability of the AGN continuum slope estimates on a sample of 71,251 SDSS optical spectra of Type 1 AGN at z<2. All data in the QSFIT catalog, as well as all the plots of best fitting model, residuals and composite plots are publicly available at the address:
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