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Paper: Ariadne: a System for Evaluation of AMAZED's Spectroscopic Redshift Estimation Efficiency
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 331
Authors: Borges, R. C.; Arnouts, S.; Chabaud, P.; Fauchier, F.; Gray, M.; Jamal, S.; Brun, V. L.; Févre, O. L.; Schmitt, A.; Surace, C.; Vibert, D.; Vidal, C.
Abstract: AMAZED is a project developed at LAM that performs automated redshift estimation for next generation spectrographs such as Subaru's PFS and Euclid's NISP. Its development implies a large number of tests on various datasets, both simulated or observed, with different configurations of the pipeline, resulting in a large number of results that must be evaluated. For large datasets, this can prove difficult to manage. Here we present Ariadne, a system for automating AMAZED, in special to calculate AMAZED's redshift estimation efficiency. This parameter depends on the input values, software configuration and manually provided redshift values. Ariadne handles management of data, providing the user with a more abstract interface. It is implemented in Python 3, leveraging widely used libraries such as ZeroMQ, SQLAlchemy and PyQt. It is developed using Agile practices and designed to be highly modular.
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