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Paper: Application of Compressive Sensing to Gravitational Microlensing Data and Implications for Miniaturized Space Observatories
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 315
Authors: Korde-Patel, A.; Barry, R. K.; Mohsenin, T.
Abstract: Compressive Sensing is a technique for simultaneous acquisition and compression of data that is sparse or can be made sparse in some domain. It is currently under intense development and has been profitably employed for industrial and medical applications. We here describe the use of this technique for the processing of astronomical data. We outline the procedure as applied to exoplanet gravitational microlensing and analyze measurement results and uncertainty values. We describe implications for on-spacecraft data processing for space observatories. Our findings suggest that application of these techniques may yield significant, enabling benefits especially for power and volume-limited space applications such as miniaturized or micro-constellation satellites.
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