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Paper: Implementation of Stellar Parameter Estimation in ASERA
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 272
Authors: Yuan, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zhang, H.; Lei, Y.; Dong, Y.; Wu, Y.; Zhao, Y.
Abstract: ASERA is short for A Spectrum Eye Recognition Assistant, which mainly helps users to check quasar spectra by eye. With the extension of many spectral templates, ASERA can also be used in by-eye inspection of galaxies and various types of stars besides quasars. We recently added a new developed function in ASERA to estimate the stellar parameters (e.g. velocity, Teff, logg and [Fe/H]) of spectral data from large sky survey projects like LAMOST and SDSS. A remote web server is developed to transfer a request from ASERA to ULYSS, which is a widely used open-source software package written in the GDL/IDL language to analyze astronomical data. By means of ASERA, a bunch of ULYSS fitting parameters are easily adjusted, then users can obtain the optimal fitting results. Therefore users can enjoy the convenience of ASERA without installing IDL and ULYSS in their own computers. More details can be found on web site: yhl/asera/.
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