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Paper: Optimised Workspaces Enhance Time-critical Astronomy
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 143
Authors: Meade, S. A. a.; Fluke, C.; Cooke, J.; Pritchard, T.
Abstract: While the frequency of fast transient events can be predicted, their occurrence cannot. Continuous observation of a region of sky with multiple telescopes is necessary to capture an event in multiple wavelengths, which produces a large flow of data. The Deeper, Wider, Faster program implements an automated pipeline to extract potential candidates from thousands of fast cadenced DECam images. These candidates are reviewed rapidly (within minutes) by a team of astronomers in order to trigger additional telescopes for spectroscopic follow-up. Such a large volume of images requires a specialised display ecology to enable the astronomers to confidently review all potential candidates rapidly and thoroughly to ensure success.
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