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Paper: ESASky: A Simple/Performant Interface on Massive Astronomical Data
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 28
Authors: Salgado, J.; Merín, B.; Giordano, F.; Baines, D.; Racero, E.; Marti, B. L.; Sarmiento, M. H.; Gutiérrez-Sánchez, R.
Abstract: In the last years, the amount of data and resources of astrophysical data available for the scientific community at the different project science archives at ESAC is growing quite fast. These project archives offer a quite detailed and easy access to all these data. However, the multi-wavelength discovery of data could be cumbersome and it usually requires specific knowledge of mission dependent language. The ESAC Science Data Center (ESDC) is working on a science-driven discovery portal, called ESA Sky, that allows the exploration of the astronomical resources (almost all the images and catalogues from ESA missions at the present stage) using a simple, intuitive and project agnostic portal. Using techniques like visualization of multi-order all-sky mosaics based on HEALPix (HiPS), missions coverage (MOC), observational footprints, TAP services on common data models for fast and performant searches, DB geometrical indexes, internal connections between databases and wrappers around the project archives to download the final science ready data, allows the handling of big amounts of data in a simplified way. We will present the recently released first version of this tool, technologies used and future plans.
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