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Paper: Enhanced Capabilities of the ESO Science Archive Facility User Interfaces
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 88
Authors: Micol, A.; Arnaboldi, M.; Delmotte, N.; L.Mascetti; Retzlaff, J.; Vera, I.; Vuong, M.; Zampieri, S.
Abstract: The ESO Science Archive Facility provides dedicated web interfaces that allow users to browse, query, request and download scientific data in raw and processed, i.e. science-ready, form, and to query, download, and display ancillary data characterising the ambient conditions at the La Silla-Paranal observatory. Here we present the recent developments, highlighting the new capabilities available to the users, and describing the look-and-feel and the software architectural choices taken to provide a smooth and responsive user experience.
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