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Paper: Towards a Self-healing Archive
Volume: 521, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXVI
Page: 16
Authors: Witz, S.; Lyons, D. K.; Plank, J.; Hausman, C.; Lively, R.; Arora, J.; Benson, J.
Abstract: The new NRAO Archive encompasses data from the Jansky VLA, the legacy VLA, the Green Bank Telescope and the VLBA while additionally providing access to ALMA data stored and managed separately. Astronomical data is generally self-describing and generated independently by each instrument. The archive database contains metadata extracted and maintained centrally. Errors in metadata generation and extraction are unavoidable, but after fixing the bug, how do you correct the data? This paper introduces a self-healing approach that leverages otherwise idle archive storage nodes by having them continuously reingest stored metadata with the latest software. Upon detecting a difference, the reingestion system can make decisions about whether to update incorrect records in the searchable metadata database.
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