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Paper: Some Astronomical-Cosmic Realities in the Armenian Epic “Sasna Tzrer”
Volume: 520, Astronomical Heritage of the Middle East
Page: 191
Authors: Broutian, G.
Abstract: Some investigators have identified connections between the heroes of the epic “Sasna Tzrer” with the heavenly bodies. For example, for some of the heroes it is said that, unlike other children who grew up over years, these children grew by the day. The life of Mher (and some other heroes) is divided into main periods of seven years. At the age of seven he was grown and went to school. He also became a hunter and began to feed the city with his hunt for seven years. At the age of 14–15 he defeated the white devil, freed his bride, and married. At the end of his life he spendt seven years drunk in Egypt, then returned back to Sasoun, gave birth to his successor son Davit, and died. It is obvious that here we have the description of the lunar month with four main phases (1st quarter, full Moon, 3rd quarter and new Moon—the birth of a new Moon—and the next generation of heroes). Similar relationships can also be seen concerning the other heroes of this epic. Thus, we can ascertain the fact of the existence of close attachments of heroes of the epic with the heavenly bodies. However, in addition to the connection of individual heroes with celestial bodies, there is also a systemic link between the heroes of the epic and constellations. In order to discover the systematic correlation between the epic heroes and the heavenly bodies, we have examined not only the lives and behavior of individual heroes, but also their family tree. It turns out that almost all the heroes of this epic have their parallel constellations in the Zodiac, and their family tree corresponds to the order of corresponding constellations in zodiacal circle.
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