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Paper: Spitzer Observations of Two Early-Type Spiral Galaxies with Dust Rings
Volume: 357, The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos
Page: 192
Authors: Bendo, G.J.; the SINGS Team
Abstract: We present Spitzer images of the SB0/a galaxy NGC 1291 and the SAa galaxy NGC 4594. Both galaxies contain dust rings. At 24 and 70 μm, the nuclei of both galaxies are the brightest sources in the galaxies, and emission from the rings is relatively weak. At 160 μm, however, the dust rings are more prominent sources; in NGC 4594, the dust ring is the source of virtually all of the 160 μm emission. For NGC 1291, we compare the dust emission to PAH emission observed at 8 μm. For NGC 4594, we also present submillimeter data that show that the nucleus dominates the 850 μm emission. These results demonstrate that the 850 μm emission cannot come from the same cool dust that dominates the 160 μm emission. We examine the possible mechanisms that could be generating the 850 μm emission.
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