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Paper: Towards an Accurate Distance Determination with Early-Type Eclipsing Binaries
Volume: 514, Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale
Page: 205
Authors: Taormina, M. S.
Abstract: Late-type eclipsing binaries provide a very good means for distance determination, but we can observe them no farther than the Magellanic Clouds. Although early-type binaries were discovered in other galaxies in the Local Group, they cannot be used reliably because of a lack of a firm calibration of the surface brightness – color relation. Our goal is to establish such a relation for early-type stars based on high quality spectroscopic and infrared observations of B-type detached eclipsing systems in the LMC. It will allow distance determinations accurate to about 2.5% to a single object located well beyond the Magellanic Clouds. Here we present the methodology and our first results.
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