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Paper: Supernova Host Spectra from the OzDES Survey
Volume: 514, Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale
Page: 179
Authors: Mould, J.
Abstract: The OzDES project targets the hosts of supernovae (SNe) found by the Dark Energy Survey to obtain redshifts and construct a Hubble diagram. We can also coadd these spectra to study SN host properties, such as age and metallicity. The line strengths of these spectra tell us that the absorption line spectra of SN Ia hosts are consistent with their location towards the Sloan Survey's “blue cloud” of star forming galaxies and distinct from the stellar population of red sequence galaxies. Across the redshift range (0,1) of OzDES, we see that SN Ia hosts 5 Gyr ago were on average more metal poor with a larger fraction of billion-year-old stars. Spare fibres in the focal plane of the AAT have been directed to a number of other targets, including radio galaxies. Except for the most powerful radio sources, the emission line spectra of OzDES radio galaxies are those of LINERS or star forming galaxies, rather than classical photoionization driven AGN.
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