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Paper: The IR Surface Brightness Fluctuation Distance Scale
Volume: 514, Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale
Page: 171
Authors: Jensen, J. B.
Abstract: The method of measuring the variations in surface brightness of an early-type galaxy, known as surface brightness fluctuations (SBF), has been developed as an excellent tool for measuring distances and for probing the ages and metallicities of red giant branch stars in old, metal-rich populations. SBF is an extragalactic distance technique with ∼5% precision that can be used out to 100 Mpc without having to resolve individual stars or monitor them for long periods of time. The SBF method bridges the gap between resolved stellar population studies and the extragalactic distance scale, and therefore touches on many of the topics discussed in this conference recognizing the contributions of Jeremy Mould. This paper includes some recent applications of the technique and some prospects for future IR SBF observations with JWST and next-generation ground-based telescopes.
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