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Paper: The Resolved Stellar Populations Around Core-Collapse Supernovae
Volume: 514, Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale
Page: 71
Authors: Maund, J. R.
Abstract: The analysis of the resolved stellar populations associated with recent core-collapse supernovae provides an alternative method for estimating the properties of the progenitors in cases where no star was detected in pre-explosion images. We present the results of the analysis of multi-wavelength archival Hubble Space Telescope observations of the sites of nearby Type IIP, IIb, Ib and Ic SNe using a Bayesian mixture model scheme. For Type IIP SNe, we find that the inferred ages yield progenitor mass estimates within ± 3M. For the stripped-envelope SNe, we find evidence for the progenitors being potentially very massive stars, with our results suggesting the progenitors of Type Ic SNe arise from massive stars with Minit>30M. These observations also provide a measure of the spatial relationship between supernovae of different types and the massive stars that formed alongside their progenitors, giving a unique window into the connection between massive star birth and massive star death.
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