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Paper: Increasing the Sample of Galactic Red Supergiants
Volume: 514, Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale
Page: 41
Authors: Messineo, M.; Zhu, Q.; Figer, D.; Menten, K.M.; Ivanov, V.D.; Kudritzki, R.-P.; Rosie Chen, C.-H.
Abstract: This is a short overview on the importance of red supergiants (RSGs) as tracers of Galactic evolution and morphology. Our pivotal detection program to search for RSGs with 2MASS and GLIMPSE data has resulted in an increase of 25% in the number of known RSGs in the area covered by GLIMPSE I North. The new sample is made up of RSGs located in the inner Galaxy at distances from 3 to 9 kpc and initial masses > 12 M.
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