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Paper: From BRAVA to BAaDE: A New Kinematic Survey of the Bulge AGB
Volume: 514, Stellar Populations and the Distance Scale
Page: 17
Authors: Rich, R. M.; Trapp, A.; Morris, M. R.; Sjouwerman, L.; Stroh, M.; Claussen, M.; Pihlstrom, Y.
Abstract: We consider interesting results on the kinematics of the bulge, beginning with Mould's (1983) measurement of the velocity dispersion of the late M giants in the bulge, and carrying the discussion on to the present day, to discuss the largest survey ever undertaken of luminous SiO maser AGB stars. This SiO maser population of AGB stars is too luminous to have evolved from the oldest globular cluster age stellar population, yet has a velocity dispersion consistent with the oldest populations (the red clump stars) in the bulge. We identify two groups of maser stars by their kinematics; the subgroup with kinematics similar to the bulge has the highest bolometric luminosities with some giants reaching Mbol < –6. In a new result, we find that the most luminous maser stars with bulge kinematics are concentrated to the Galactic plane with the most luminous maers being found at b < |1.5°|; while the disk maser population shows no such difference. This mirrors a similar concentration to the Galactic Center found for long period Miras, noted in earlier studies. We conclude that the maser population represents another facet of the growing tension between evidence supporting a bulge population dominated by old stars, and a significant fraction of intermediate age stars.
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