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Paper: Galactic Structure From a Comparison of the GFLS and the SKY Model
Volume: 357, The Spitzer Space Telescope: New Views of the Cosmos
Page: 74
Authors: Burgdorf, M.; Cohen, M.; Ramirez, S.
Abstract: The Galactic First Look Survey (GFLS) produced MIPS 24 μm and IRAC maps at various Galactic latitudes for l = 97.°5 (IRAC only), 105.°6, and 254.°4. Sensitivity limits down to several ten (hundred) μJy were achieved for IRAC (MIPS), depending on the direction in the sky. The GFLS is therefore two to three orders of magnitude deeper than the surveys of the Milky Way performed at similar wavelengths with the Infrared Space Observatory. One of the main aims of these observations was to characterize the source counts in order to enable statistical corrections for stellar backgrounds. We achieved this goal by comparing the measured source counts as a function of flux with SKY, a physically realistic model for the point source sky. As positive Galactic latitudes were mainly sampled at l = 97.°5 and 105.°6 and negative latitudes at 254.°4 Galactic longitude, the observations are well suited to derive information on the warp of the Galactic disk. In order to reproduce the source counts from the GFLS we had to assume an amplitude of the warp within 20% of that derived from 2MASS.
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