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Paper: New Cosmic Scales as a Cornerstone for the Evolutionary Processes, Energetic Resources and Activity Phenomena of the Non-Stable Universe
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 238
Authors: Avetissian, A. K.
Abstract: New cosmic scales, completely different from the Plank's scales, have been disclosed in the frame of so called “Non-Inflationary Cosmology” (NIC), created by the author during last decade. The proposed new ideas shed light on some hidden inaccuracies within the essence of Planck's scales in Modern Cosmology, so the new scales have been nominated as “NAIRI (New Alternative Ideas Regenerating Irregularities) Cosmic Scales” (NCS). The NCS is believed to be realistic due to qualitative and quantitative correspondences with observational and experimental data. The basic concept about NCS has been created based on two hypotheses about cosmological time-evolution of Planck's constant and multi-photon processes. Together with the hypothesis about domination of Bose-statistics in the early Universe and the possibility of large-scale Bose-condensate, these predictions have been converted into phenomena, based on which the bases of alternative theory of cosmology have been investigated. The predicted by the author “Cosmic Small (Local) Bang” (CSB) phenomenon has been investigated in the model of galaxy, and as a consequence of CSB the possibility of Super-Strong Shock Wave (SSW) has been postulated. Thus, based on phenomena CSB and SSW, NIC guarantees the non-accretion mechanism of generation of galaxies and super-massive black holes in their core, as well as creation of supernovas and massive stars (super-massive stars exceeding also 100M). The possibility of gravitational radiation (GR) by the central black hole of the galaxy, even by the disk (or whole galaxy!) has been investigated.
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