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Paper: Observational Aspects of the Metagalaxy's Structure
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 159
Authors: Natsvlishvili, R.; Kochiashvili, N.
Abstract: We are considering the changes of the structure of the Metagalaxy from its most distant, observable edge to the nearest space in the framework of the model, in which the presumption made that the large scale objects in the Universe have disposable origin. On the basis of this model, the nearest galaxies go through evolutionary phases of objects of different status according to the distance. In the case of this model the quasars are the earlier evolutionary stages of the galaxies. On the assumption of observations, in the large scales, the Universe instantly or in every moment of time is homogeneous and isotropic. The observed space of Metagalaxy is isotropic but it is homogeneous only spherical-concentrically. The method is considered how it is possible to estimate the age of the Metagalaxy using the redshifts of objects located at different distances.
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