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Paper: Detailed Study of Emission Structers in the Vicinity of LkHα 198
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 128
Authors: Gevorgyan, M. H.; Movsessian, T. A.; Andreasyan, H. R.; Magakian, T. Yu.
Abstract: Results from a study of collimated flows near the star LkHα 198 are presented. Observations were cared out with the VAGR multipupil spectrograph on the 2.6-m telescope at the Byurakan Astrophysical Observatory. The morphology and kinematics of emission structures in the vicinity of LkHα 198, including HH 161, were studied and electron density charts obtained. Besides the HH 161 object, our data revealed an arc-shaped emission structure with LkHα 198 at its apex. This type of structures are usually an indication of the presence of a cavity in a dark cloud blown out by a directed outflow. In addition, a faint “tail” extending in the direction of the central star is observed in HH 161. A comparison of these results with radio observations shows that the probable source of HH 161 is the binary system LkHα 198.
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