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Paper: The Results of ESO/SRC Plates Survey of Southern Hemisphere
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 117
Authors: Gyulbudaghian, A. L.
Abstract: We have searched the ESO/SRC (E, B, R, J) charts of Southern Hemisphere for discovering of new star forming regions, cometary nebulae, HH objects, tight trapezium like systems, consisting of late type dwarf stars, jets from the stars, and also of radial systems of dark globules. This work was done in several places: in Estonia (Tartu observatory), in Mexico (Mexico, UNAM, Institute of Astronomy), in Chile (twice: ESO Vitacura, Cerro Calan Observatory, Santiago). As a result of this work several dozens of each mentioned above type of objects were found.
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