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Paper: New Eruptive Variable in the Massive Star-Forming Region Associated with IRAS 18507+0121 Source
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 78
Authors: Nikoghosyan, E. H.; Azatyan, N. M.; Khachatryan, K. G.
Abstract: We report the discovery of a strong outburst of the embedded young stellar object (YSO), namely UKIDSS-J185318.36+012454.5, located in the star-forming region associated with IRAS 18507+0121 source and GAL 034.4+00.23 HII region. According to the near and mid-infrared colors and spectral energy distribution (SED), we classify the object as an intermediate mass young stellar object (YSO) with Class 0/I evolution stage. The outburst occurred in the period of 2004-2006. The amplitude of brightness is at least Ks = 5.0 mag. The summation of the photometric and spectral data does not allow to classify UKIDSS-J185318.36+012454.5 as FUor or EXor. We can consider it as an eruptive variable with mixed characteristics or MNor type object.
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