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Paper: Molecules as Drives and Witnesses of Star Formation
Volume: 511, Non-Stable Universe: Energetic Resources, Activity Phenomena and Evolutionary Processes
Page: 15
Authors: Shustov, B. M.
Abstract: The progress in understanding the role of molecules in star formation is discussed. After very brief introduction which we note in that no star formation would be possible without molecules at the dawn of the Universe and that molecules are important drivers and witnesses of star formation in the current epoch, we consider observational technologies and emphasize the prospective role of UV observations. Special attention is paid to possibilities of UV spectroscopy with coming space observatory Spektr–UF (World Space Observatory – Ultraviolet; WSO–UV). Only one example (observations of CO–dark clouds) from vast scientific program of the WSO–UV is mentioned. Also very briefly disclosed is a model approach to study complex evolution of very young (prestellar) object focusing on chemical (molecular) evolution.
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