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Paper: Asteroseismology of Kepler ZZ Ceti Stars with Fully Evolutionary Models
Volume: 509, 20th European Workshop on White Dwarfs (EuroWD16)
Page: 269
Authors: Romero, A. D.; Córsico, A. H.; Castanheira, B. G.; De Gerónimo, F. C.; Kepler, S. O.; Althaus, L. G.; Koester, D.; Kawka, A.; Gianninas, A.; Bonato, C.
Abstract: Recently the Kepler spacecraft observed ZZ Ceti stars giving the opportunity to study their variability for long baselines. We present a study of pulsational properties of two ZZ Ceti stars observed with the Kepler spacecraft: GD 1212 and SDSS J113655.17+040952.6, based on a grid of full evolutionary models of DA white dwarf stars, characterized by detailed and consistent inner chemical profiles. For J113655.17+040952 we found values of gravity and effective temperature in good agreement with spectroscopy. For GD 1212 the asteroseismological fits show a stellar mass higher than the spectroscopic value, but in agreement with the determinations from photometry coupled with parallax.
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