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Paper: Tracing the B[e] Phenomenon with the Narrow-Band Δ a Photometric System
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 143
Authors: Paunzen, E.; Janík, J.; Kurfürst, P.; Liška, J.; Netopil, M.; Skarka, M.; Zejda, M.
Abstract: We present a case study and first results of the 3 filter narrow-band Δ a photometric system to detect B[e] stars in an efficient way. One filter measures the flux at 5200 Å where several Fe II emission lines are located. On the basis of available spectra, we investigated the expected area in the diagnostic tool of the Δ a system, the so-called normality line, where these objects are located. They are well separated from all other known non-standard stars in the corresponding Teff (color) region. The first results of our photometric survey in the Magellanic Clouds are very promising and show the high potential of Δ a photometry to significantly contribute to this research field.
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