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Paper: B[e] Phenomenon in the D-type Symbiotic Star V1016 Cyg
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 399
Authors: Sekeráš, M.; Skopal, A.
Abstract: V1016 Cygni is a symbiotic binary consisting of a Mira-type variable and a hot and luminous white dwarf (WD). Its spectrum shows distinctive features of the B[e] phenomenon. The spectral energy distribution reveals two dusty envelopes, probably surrounding the Mira, with different temperature and heated by the radiation from both binary components. Signatures of the B[e] phenomenon in the optical region are represented by strong Balmer emission lines, low excitation permitted emission lines of metals, and forbidden emission lines. In addition to the typical B[e] phenomenon features, numerous emission lines of highly ionized elements, such as He II, O V, [Fe VII], and [Ar V], are also present. Most of the forbidden lines have double-peaked profile, suggesting a bipolar structure of the low density emitting region in the binary.
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