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Paper: A Mega-Grid of CMFGEN Model Atmospheres for Rapid Analysis of Stellar Spectra
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 407
Authors: Zsargo, J.; Arrieta, A.; Fierro, C.; Klapp, J.; Hillier, D. J.; Arias, L.; Mendoza, J.; Georgiev, L. N.
Abstract: CMFGEN (Hillier & Miller 1998) is a sophisticated and widely-used non-LTE stellar atmosphere code. It models the full spectrum, and has been used to model OB stars, W-R stars, luminous blue variables, and supernovae. However, it requires the user to have substantial knowledge and experience to run it, and even then a complete analysis of a star can be very difficult and time consuming. Computations and modeling with CMFGEN are greatly eased when suitable initial models are available. To expedite modeling, or to run a quick rudimentary analysis of the stellar spectra, we are undertaking a project to create a mega-grid of pre-calculated CMFGEN models which will be available to the general astronomical community via internet. Tools are also being developed to use this database for analysis.
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