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Paper: Be-Phenomenon in Neutron Star X-ray Binaries
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 385
Authors: Kühnel, M.; Kretschmar, M. K. P.; Fürst, F.; Pottschmidt, K.; Hemphill, P.; Rothschild, R. E.; Okazaki, A. T.; Sagredo, M.; Wilms, J.
Abstract: In this work we provide a brief insight into two aspects of Be/X-ray binaries, which are probably involved in production of X-ray outbursts: the evolution of the Be star disk, in particular of its size, and the binary geometry which drives gravitational interaction. Simultaneous X-ray and optical data will aid our investigation of the evolution of Be stars in binaries and the X-ray outburst mechanism.
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