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Paper: Time-Dependent Spectral Feature Variations of the FS CMa Star HD 50138
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 375
Authors: Jeřábková, T.; Korčáková, D.; Miroshnichenko, A. S.; Danford, S.; Zharikov, S. V.; Kříček, R.; Zasche, P.; Votruba, V.; Šlechta, M.; Škoda, P.; Janík, J.
Abstract: HD 50138 (V743 Mon, MWC 158, or IRAS 06491–0654) is a B[e] star of the FS CMa type. It is supposed to be a post-main-sequence star, which is still not highly evolved. The presence of a gaseous and dusty envelope precludes direct observations of the central object, and the possible binarity and physical nature of HD 50138 remains unclear. We present a long-term spectroscopic monitoring of this object over the last 20 years (Jeřábková et al. 2016). Based on the obtained data, we confirm a quasi-periodic behavior of the object's spectral variability with two newly found long periods manifested in the Hα and forbidden [O I] lines. The rotating structures around the object are supported by the detection of moving humps in the Hα profile. Our results are consistent with either mass transfer in a binary system or the presence of an outflowing disk. Since our data cannot confirm the presence of a binary companion, the origin of such systems remains an interesting problem for further investigation.
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