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Paper: The Spectral Variability of HD 200775 in the Low Activity Phase
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 371
Authors: Ismailov, N. Z.; Alishov, S. A.; Bashirova, U. Z.
Abstract: The results of a spectroscopic study of the Herbig Be binary system HD 200775 are presented. Observations were taken at a minimum of the radial velocity curve when the hydrogen emission lines Hα and Hβ were weak. We discovered the diffuse interstellar bands at 5780, 5797 Å in the spectrum of the object. Intensities of the emission lines of Si II λλ 6347, 6371 Å and [O I] λλ 6300, 6363 Å were found very strong. By using correlation analysis, it was shown that physical conditions in formation zone of the He I λ 5876 Å line are different from those in the emission lines formation zone.
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