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Paper: Unveiling the Puzzling Herbig Be Star V730 Cep
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 335
Authors: Potravnov, I. S.; Grinin, V. P.; Mkrtichian, D. E.
Abstract: The star V730 Cep demonstrates deep Algol-like fadings with a period of 13d.6. This allows us to assign it to the family of young UX Ori type variables. V730 Cep was previously classified as a Herbig B2e star on the basis of low-resolution spectroscopy. The star should be the hottest known member of the family according to this classification and such a short period remains unexplained by the classical UXOR mechanism. Another unexpected spectroscopic feature of V730 Cep is a single-peaked emission profile of the Hα line. The unusual observational properties of the V730 Cep are the subject of great interest and raise the question about the nature of the observed eclipses. In the present paper we discuss the results of the new spectroscopic observations of the star and shows that its spectral type is G0 IV, i.e., V730 Cep is a classical T Tauri star. We also found that the Hα line has a double-peaked emission profile with signatures of an outflow. The observed period of brightness variations is possibly a result of a combination of the UXOR mechanism and the AA Tau effect.
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