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Paper: Be Stars Observational Survey: BeSOS
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 329
Authors: Kanaan, S.; Arcos, C.
Abstract: Be stars vary from hours to decades. A survey to analyze the variation and its origin in these stars is therefore necessary. We introduce a new catalogue, the Be Stars Observation Survey (BeSOS), that is based on the data obtained with one instrument. We offer a consistent database for all the Be stars accessible with the high-resolution (R = 20000) spectrograph PUCHEROS. BeSOS contains spectra in the visual spectral range from 390 to 730 nm. The aim of this database is to increase the number of observations for southern Be stars, to discover new Be stars, and to search for variability. The database is available at the BESOS webpage. BeSOS currently contains more than 600 spectra of more than 80 Be stars.
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