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Paper: Are B[e] Stars of FS CMa–Type Related to Double Periodic Variables?
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 233
Authors: Mennickent, R.
Abstract: We have recently examined the relation between two types of intermediate-mass interacting binaries; the strongly interacting W Serpentis stars and the enigmatic double periodic variables (DPVs). In both cases, the analysis of WISE and 2MASS photometry indicates the presence of color excess that might be attributed to circumstellar matter. This is supported by the presence of Balmer emission lines and by the light curve models. However, W Serpentis stars are sometimes less massive than DPVs and usually show changes in their orbital periods. In this contribution, a third type of object has been examined, the B[e] stars of the FS CMa type, of which 30% have been found to be binaries. They are located in a similar region of the HR diagram to DPVs, but show stronger emission lines and larger color excess. Since theoretical models indicate that all these close binaries pass by epochs of strong mass loss, at least some of the FS CMa systems might be precursors of DPVs, closer to the stage of mass ratio reversal. Fundamental stellar parameters for FS CMa stars are still scarce; more studies are needed, especially spectroscopic ones, to clarify this possibility.
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