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Paper: The Advanced Stages of Stellar Evolution: Impact of Mass Loss, Rotation, and Link With B[e] Stars
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 99
Authors: Georgy, C.; Saio, H.; Ekström, S.; Meynet, G.
Abstract: In this paper we discuss some consequences of rotation and mass loss on the evolved stages of massive star evolution. The physical reasons of the time evolution of the surface velocity are explained. We also show how the late-time evolution of massive stars are impacted in combination with the effects of mass loss. The most interesting result is that, in some cases, a massive star can have a blue-red-blue evolution, opening the possibility that blue supergiants are composed by two distinct populations of stars: one just leaving the main sequence and crossing the HRD for the first time, and the other one evolving back to the blue side of the HRD after a Red Supergiant phase. We discuss a few possible observational tests that can allow distinguishing these two populations and how supergiant B[e] stars fit in this context.
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