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Paper: Disk Formation in Oblate B[e] Stars
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 87
Authors: Araya, I.; Arcos, C.; Curé, M.
Abstract: We investigate the possible role of line-driven winds in the circumstellar envelope in B[e] stars, mainly the role of the Ω-slow wind solution, which is characterized by a slower terminal velocity and a higher mass-loss rate, in comparison with the standard (m-CAK) wind solution. In this work, we assume two scenarios: 1) a spherically symmetric star and 2) an oblate star considering only the oblate correction factor. For certain values of the line force parameters (according to previous works), we obtain a density contrast of gtrsim102 between the equatorial and polar density in both scenarios, which are characterized by a fast polar wind and a slow and denser wind when the Ω-slow wind solution is obtained. All these properties are enhanced when the oblate correction factor is included in our calculations.
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