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Paper: Accretion Disks, Magnetospheres, and Disk Winds as Emitters of the Hydrogen Lines in Herbig Ae/Be Stars
Volume: 508, The B[e] Phenomenom: Forty Years of Studies
Page: 67
Authors: Tambovtseva, L. V.; Grinin, V. P.; Weigelt, G.; Schertl, D.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Caratti o Garatti, A.; Garcia Lopez, R.
Abstract: Various disk and outflow components of the circumstellar environment of young Herbig Ae/Be stars may contribute to the hydrogen line emission. These are a magnetosphere, a disk wind, and a gaseous accretion disk. Non-LTE modeling was performed to show the influence of the model parameters on the intensity and the line profiles for each emitting region to present the spatial distribution of the brightness for each component and to compare their contributions to the total line emission. The modeling shows that the disk wind is the dominant contributor to the Brγ and Hα lines rather than the magnetospheric accretion and gaseous accretion disk.
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