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Paper: From Hubble's Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL) to Absolute Fluxes
Volume: 503, Calibrating Large Surveys and Future Facilities
Page: 211
Authors: Heap, S. R.; Lindler, D.
Abstract: Hubble's Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL) consists of R∼1000 spectra of 374 stars of assorted temperature, gravity, and metallicity. Each spectrum covers the wavelength range, 0.18–1.03 μ. The library can be viewed and/or downloaded from the website, Stars in the NGSL are now being used as absolute flux standards at ground-based observatories. However, the uncertainty in the absolute flux is about 2%, which does not meet the requirements of dark-energy surveys. We have therefore developed an observing procedure, data-reduction procedure, and correction algorithms that should yield fluxes with uncertainties less than 1%.
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