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Paper: (Sn)DICE: A Calibration System Designed for Wide Field Imagers
Volume: 503, Calibrating Large Surveys and Future Facilities
Page: 165
Authors: Regnault, N.; Barrelet, E.; Guyonnet, A.; Juramy, C.; Rocci, P.-F.; Le Guillou, L.; Schahmanèche, K.; Villa, F.
Abstract: Dark Energy studies with type Ia supernovae set very tight constraints on the photometric calibration of the imagers used to detect the supernovae and follow up their flux variations. Among the key challenges is the measurement of the shape and normalization of the instrumental throughput. The DICE system was developed by members of the Supernova Legacy Survey (SNLS), building upon the lessons learnt working with the MegaCam imager. It consists in a very stable light source, placed in the telescope enclosure, and generating compact, conical beams, yielding an almost flat illumination of the imager focal plane. The calibration light is generated by narrow spectrum LEDs selected to cover the entire wavelength range of the imager. It is monitored in real time using control photodiodes. A first DICE demonstrator, SnDICE has been installed at CFHT. A second generation instrument (SkyDICE) has been installed in the enclosure of the SkyMapper telescope. We present the main goals of the project. We discuss the main difficulties encoutered when trying to calibrate a wide field imager, such as MegaCam (or SkyMapper) using such a calibrated light source.
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