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Paper: PreCam: A Step Towards the Photometric Calibration of the Dark Energy Survey
Volume: 503, Calibrating Large Surveys and Future Facilities
Page: 85
Authors: Allam, S. S.; Tucker, D. L.; PreCam Team for the DES Collaboration
Abstract: The Dark Energy Survey (DES) will be taking the next step in probing the properties of Dark Energy and in understanding the physics of cosmic acceleration. A step towards the photometric calibration of DES is to have a quick, bright survey in the DES footprint (PreCam), using a pre-production set of the Dark Energy Camera (DECam) CCDs and a set of 100 mm×100 mm DES filters. The objective of the PreCam Survey is to create a network of calibrated DES grizY standard stars that will be used for DES nightly calibrations and to improve the DES global relative calibrations. Here, we describe the first year of PreCam observation, results, and photometric calibrations.
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