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Paper: CO And HI Emission from The Circumstellar Envelopes of Some Evolved Stars*
Volume: 502, Frontiers in Radio Astronomy and FAST Early Sciences Symposium 2015
Page: 61
Authors: Diep, P.; Hoai, D.; Nhung, P.; Tuan-Anh, P.; Bertre, T. L.; Winters, J.; Matthews, L.; Phuong, N.; Thao, N.
Abstract: Studies of the CO and HI radio emission of some evolved stars are presented using data collected by the IRAM Plateau de Bure interferometer and Pico Veleta telescope, the Nançay Radio Telescope and the JVLA and ALMA arrays. Approximate axial symmetry of the physical and kinematic properties of the circumstellar envelope (CSE) are observed in CO emission, in particular, from RS Cnc, EP Aqr and the Red Rectangle. A common feature is the presence of a bipolar outflow causing an enhanced wind velocity in the polar directions. HI emission extends to larger radial distances than probed by CO emission and displays features related to the interaction between the stellar outflow and interstellar matter. With its unprecedented sensitivity, FAST will open a new window on such studies. Its potential in this domain is briefly illustrated.
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