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Paper: Collision between Neutron Stars and Asteroids as a Mechanism for Fast Radio Bursts
Volume: 502, Frontiers in Radio Astronomy and FAST Early Sciences Symposium 2015
Page: 1
Authors: Huang, Y. F.; Geng, J. J.
Abstract: As a new kind of radio transient sources detected at ∼ 1.4 GHz, fast radio bursts are specially characterized by their short durations and high intensities. Although only ten events are detected so far, fast radio bursts may actually frequently happen at a rate of ∼ 103 — 104 sky–1 day–1. We suggest that fast radio bursts can be produced by the collisions between neutron stars and asteroids. This model can naturally explain the millisecond duration of fast radio bursts. The energetics and event rate can also be safely accounted for. Fast radio bursts thus may be one side of the multifaces of the neutron star-small body collision events, which are previously expected to lead to X-ray/gamma-ray bursts or glitch/anti-glitches.
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