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Paper: Multidimensional MHD Algorithms in Athena
Volume: 359, Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2006
Page: 143
Authors: Gardiner, T.A.; Stone, J.M.
Abstract: We briefly outline our efforts at constructing multidimensional Godunov algorithms for solving the ideal magnetohydrodynamics equations. These algorithms use an extension of the Piecewise Parabolic Method (PPM) for constructing interface states which includes MHD source terms for both stability and accuracy of the method. We present a physically intuitive description of the MHD source terms used for calculating the PPM interface states for the three-dimensional MHD system and show that this is a generalization of the method used for our two-dimensional integration algorithm. We also present the solutions for two MHD problems as an illustration of the properties of the method.
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