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Paper: VizieR Data Extraction Disseminated through Widgets
Volume: 495, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIV (ADASS XXIV)
Page: 495
Authors: Landais, G.; Boch, T.; Ochsenbein, F.; Simon, A.-C.
Abstract: The CDS widgets are a collection of web applications easily embeddable in web pages. The Apache Shindig framework, relying on OpenSocial specification, enables to reuse code in any web page by giving interactive output and broadcasting capabilities: for instance to use the result of a search widget to populate other widgets. Some of these widgets are already used in the VizieR web application. The “plot widget” is used to illustrate associated data like time-series or spectra coming from publications. The data extracted with a SQL-like language (which can operate with different type of resources like FITS, ASCII files, etc.) are then disseminated in a “plot widge” that is ergonomic and contains evolved customization capabilities. The VizieR photometry viewer is the result of filter gathering and pipeline automatization: the interface use a dedicated widget that integrates three linked views: a photometry point, a sky chart and the VizieR tabular data.
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