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Paper: External Use of TOPCAT's Plotting Library
Volume: 495, Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXIV (ADASS XXIV)
Page: 177
Authors: Taylor, M. B.
Abstract: The table analysis application TOPCAT uses a custom Java plotting library for highly configurable high-performance interactive or exported visualisations in two and three dimensions. We present here a variety of ways for end users or application developers to make use of this library outside of the TOPCAT application: via the command-line suite STILTS or its Jython variant JyStilts, via a traditional Java API, or by programmatically assigning values to a set of parameters in java code or using some form of inter-process communication. The library has been built with large datasets in mind; interactive plots scale well up to several million points, and static output to standard graphics formats is possible for unlimited sized input data.
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