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Paper: Determination of the Core Composition of ZZ Ceti Stars through Seismic Means
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 233
Authors: Giammichele, N.; Fontaine, G.; Charpinet, S.; Brassard, P.
Abstract: As we know, the exact chemical profile in the core of a white dwarf is still very much uncertain, and comparing results from different investigators yields significant differences with the addition of the numerical noise coming from the accumulated uncertainties through all the various stages of pre-white dwarf evolution. We believe that until significant progress is made on that front, we can only probe the bulk core composition as a whole. In effect, the low sensitivity of the pulsation periods on the core composition can be exploited as long as we rely on the detection of confined modes that have relatively large amplitudes in the core. We show that the bulk composition of Ross 548 can be effectively determined, while that of GD 165 is not easily pinned down due to the lack of detected confined modes in that latter case.
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