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Paper: Long Term Modelling of Recurrent Novae Resulting in SNIa
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 553
Authors: Hillman, Y.; Prialnik, D.; Kovetz, A.; Shara, M. M.
Abstract: We present the limits on the mass accretion rate within which a SNIa can possibly occur. The results reveal tens of thousands of virtually identical nova cycles where the accreted mass exceeds the ejected mass, meaning the WD is continually gaining mass. Eventually, instability occurs, the maximal temperature rises by nearly two orders of magnitude, heavy element production is enhanced by many orders of magnitude and the nuclear and neutrino luminosities become enormous. In addition, we sample a range of less massive WDs and find that they secularly gain mass as well. These simulations of the onset of a SNIa event make observationally testable predictions about the light curves of pre-SN WDs.
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