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Paper: Evolution of Nova TrA 2008 into a High Mass-Accretion Rate Post-Nova
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 507
Authors: Walter, F. M.
Abstract: NR TrA (Nova TrA 2008) was a normal slow Fe II novae for its first year of evolution. During its third year eclipses appeared, and optical spectra revealed the presence of hot permitted lines of C IV, N V, and O VI in addition to the usual nebular lines. The light curve and spectra resemble those of the V Sge stars. The orbital period is 5.25 hours. The time-resolved spectra show a prominent S-wave in the hot lines with an amplitude of about 100 km/s. We conclude that the system is a CV with a high mass accretion rate that has persisted for some 6 years after the explosion.
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