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Paper: Completely Bound Motion of Electrons with Positive Energy near Protons in a Cool White Dwarf Photosphere Plasma with Strong Magnetic Field
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 411
Authors: Koryagin, S. A.; Arsenyev, S. A.
Abstract: We proved that, under the conditions of an isolated magnetic white dwarf photosphere with strong magnetic field, an electron can perform the completely bound classic motion near a proton not only for the negative energy (as in an atom) but also for the positive energy (which usually corresponds to the free particles). Near the proton, the completely bound trajectories can occupy the significantly larger sector of the velocity directions than the free trajectories with the same energy. The integrated by frequency emissivity from the positive-energy bound electrons can exceed the bremsstrahlung emissivity from the free particles in the infrared. Nevertheless, the electromagnetic emission (and absorption) from the bound electrons is concentrated in the non-overlapping spectral lines.
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