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Paper: New Insights on the White Dwarf Luminosity and Mass Functions from the LSS-GAC Survey
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 337
Authors: Rebassa-Mansergas, A.; Liu, X.-W.; Cojocaru, R.; Yuan, H.-B.; García–Berro, E.; Torres, S.; Xiang, M.-X.; Huang, Y.
Abstract: The white dwarf (WD) population observed in magnitude-limited surveys can be used to derive the luminosity function (LF) and mass function (MF), once the corresponding volume corrections are employed. However, the WD samples from which the observational LFs and MFs are built are the result of complicated target selection algorithms. Thus, it is difficult to quantify the effects of the observational biases on the observed functions. The LAMOST (Large sky Area Multi-Object fiber Spectroscopic Telescope) spectroscopic survey of the Galactic anti-center (LSS-GAC) has well-defined selection criteria. This is a noticeable advantage over previous surveys. Here we derive the WD LF and MF of the LSS-GAC, and use a Monte Carlo code to simulate the WD population in the Galactic anti-center. We apply the well-defined LSS-GAC selection criteria to the simulated populations, taking into account all observational biases, and perform the first meaningful comparison between the simulated WD LFs and MFs and the observed ones.
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