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Paper: Deriving the Ages of Field White Dwarfs
Volume: 493, 19th European Workshop on White Dwarfs
Page: 107
Authors: von Hippel, T.; van Dyk, D.; Si, S.; Montgomery, M. H.; O'Malley, E.; Robinson, E.; Stenning, D.; Stein, N.; Kraczek, E. J.; Jefferys, W. H.; Webster, A.
Abstract: We apply a self-consistent and robust Bayesian statistical approach along with modern model ingredients to determine the posterior distributions of ages, distances, and ZAMS masses of old field white dwarfs from the Galactic disk, thick disk, and halo. Our technique requires only quality optical and near-IR photometry to derive ages with ≤ 15% uncertainties. We additionally predict the capabilities of these techniques in the GAIA era, when we will possess distances accurate to 1-2% for thousands of white dwarfs.
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